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the magic of Zentra during live workshops

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Zentra is the first App guiding you through the world
of  Conscious Intimacy supported by live workshops.  

Sensual tantric practices, heart-opening exercises and peaceful, calming music. Prepare yourself for a real journey of relaxation and bliss. Each session will teach you greater self-love and body acceptance and leave you feeling more relaxed, joyful and alive. 


Zentra workshops are suitable for everyone - both for singles and couples, including complete beginners at Mindfulness and Tantra.

All of the exercises during the group sessions are solo practices that take you within – no partner is required. It’s a safe space where you can relax and open yourself up to new experiences.

Zentra Sessions are now happening ONLINE!

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Thousands of Happy Students
in 10+ Countries

I swear afterwards I was glowing!

Such a beautiful and connecting session. People were all of a sudden looking at me in a new way. I felt truly attractive, at peace and in love with myself. Plus Natalia’s voice is so serine and melodic. Listening to her speak is an experience itself.

Lawson Greyson
Los Angeles, USA

A life - changing experience!

I realised how powerful it was since we started! I deeply connected with myself in a way that I have never experienced it before. It empowered me to love myself more and feel my full potential.
It's a must-have experience!

Jose Zamorano


It has truly changed my life!

During the Zentra workshop I had a massive opening. I became aware of a situation that turned out having a huge impact on my personal life. This session has opened a lot for me and helped me connect deeply with myself and others. Thank you so much!

Kerstin Bachler


Since the official Zentra launch in Los Angeles in 2018, more than 1,000 people in more than 10 countries have experienced the benefits of Zentra live sessions, including top CEOs and Hollywood celebrities.

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Meet Your Trainer

Natalia Sloma


Natalia Sloma is the Founder of Zentra, Meditation & Tantra Instructor with therapeutic credentials, a Mindvalley Certified Trainer and the co-author
of Amazon Bestseller 'Ignite Love'. 


For more than 10 years  Natalia had been working in the Music Industry as a manager for celebrity A-Listers. When many years of living a high-pressure, fast-paced lifestyle took their toll, Natalia discovered meditation and tantra to open up to new approaches in life. She moved from her motherland Poland to Asia to dive deeper into ancient Eastern Wisdom and join Mindvalley, the biggest personal growth platform in the world. 

At Mindvalley she has organized and co-facilitated more than 100 seminars all over the world. She obtained various trainers, coaching and therapeutical certifications, and became the head of all Mindvalley’s Certified Trainers. 

Natalia created and developed Zentra while exploring various teachings herself in the tantric communities of Asia. She officially launched Zentra in Los Angeles in early 2018 and has been delivering group and private classes all over the world since.

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