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Love and Intimacy
on a Whole New Level

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What is Zentra?

Zentra is your doorway to a deeper bond with yourself and to developing conscious intimacy with your beloved one.

Zentra is the first App guiding you through the world of Tantric Connection and Conscious Intimacy supported by live workshops online and offline.


Zentra takes you on a beautiful journey made of mindfulness and tantric practices that will help you feel more sensual and attractive, release blocks around relationships & intimacy and truly step into your sexual power.


Zentra is suitable for everyone - both for singles and couples, including complete beginners at Mindfulness and Tantra.

Download the Zentra App and start your journey today

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Enjoy the Benefits of Zentra

By practicing Zentra Solo you will:
  • Feel more sensual, confident and attractive 

  • Develop a more loving relationship with your body

  • Heighten your senses and open up to ecstatic experiences

  • Awaken your sexual energy and feel more radiant and vital 

  • Get to know yourself better

  • Understand your thoughts & emotions

  • Embrace your femininity and masculinity

  • Love yourself more deeply

  • Become a better partner and a conscious lover

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Practice Zentra for Couples and gain:
  • Deeper, more loving and harmonious relationship

  • New levels of trust and acceptance

  • Powerful intimate experiences

  • More blissful and satisfying love life

  • Better communication in terms of your needs and desires

  • Being more present with the partner

  • An increased ability to give and receive pleasure 

  • Heightened senses open to more ecstatic experiences

  • A whole new level of connection with your partner

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How to get started?

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Get the Zentra App

Experience Zentra
in the privacy of your home

  • Powerful Mindfulness techniques (solo and for two)

  • Self-love & self-care rituals

  • Heart-opening exercises

  • Tantric practices to deepen intimate relationships

  • The art of Conscious Tantric Touch

  • The art of Conscious Communication

  • Practices for self-acceptance and self-awareness

  • Sexual empowerment

  • Sensual ecstasy

Download on the App Store
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Experience the magic of Zentra
during group and private sessions 

Sensual tantric practices, heart-opening connection exercises, and peaceful, calming music. Prepare yourself for a real journey of relaxation and bliss.

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Thousands of Happy Students
in 10+ Countries

Such a beautiful and connecting session. People were all of a sudden looking at me in a new way. I felt truly attractive, at peace and in love with myself. Plus Natalia’s voice is so serine and melodic. Listening to her speak is an experience itself.

I swear afterwards I was glowing!

Lawson Greyson
Los Angeles, USA

I swear afterwards I was glowing!

I realised how powerful it was since we started! I deeply connected with myself in a way that I have never experienced it before. It empowered me to love myself more and feel my full potential.
It's a must-have experience!

A life - changing experience!

Jose Zamorano


During the Zentra workshop I had a massive opening. I became aware of a situation that turned out having a huge impact on my personal life. This session has opened a lot for me and helped me connect deeply with myself and others.
Thank you so much!

It has truly changed my life!

Kerstin Bachler

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I've learned a true meaning of love!

Each minute of this amazing session meant a lot to me. It helped me become a better man, father, partner and a better coach so I can now spread this love and empower others. It was a true inspiration that helped me connect with myself deeper and discover the right path in my life.

Dilip Kumar Kanagaraj
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was simply blown away!

I have implemented Zentra techniques into my personal life and they are having a huge impact on my relationship in areas which I have struggled with for a long time. I am now connected with my partner way deeper than before.
Thank you so much for opening this part of me and helping me enjoy my love life in so many new ways!

Laura Daniels
United Kingdom

I strongly recommend it for anyone who wants to connect with their deeper intimacy and sacred sexual energy!
Plus, Natalia was leading the session with such a gentle yet warm energy that she easily captured and totally engaged the whole (100+) group.

I had a deeply beautiful experience

Balazs Simon
United Nations ESCAP


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